Way Finding Signage

Way finding signage that conveys, clearly

Successful interior way finding signage solutions are dependent on specialist sign manufacturers who know how to get the best from a scheme. Our project managers work closely with building owners, architects and designers to determine natural visitor flows, navigational demands and health and safety requirements to really produce a solution that works. Signage Monster design and manufacture way finding signs that enhance interior spaces using a wide range of materials, finishes, styles and graphics for use throughout a building.

Signage Monster creates way finding signs that are designed to be low maintenance, cost effective, durable and, above all, fulfill workplace legislation that ensures visitors and staff has intuitive, immediate access to emergency exits and fire escapes. Our way finding signage is formulated to blend seamlessly with their environment, yet convey information distinctly and intelligently.

A major objective of way finding systems is to fulfill the accessibility needs of special user groups, including those with varying degrees of visual impairment.

Way finding systems assist users in navigating all types of places - hospitals, schools, downtown areas, public spaces and shopping centre. At Eye Catch Signs, we stress design flexibility, superior functionality and attractive appearance to provide lasting way finding and signage solutions.